Duties of Officers

About the Catholic Women’s League

Taken from the Executive Handbook of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada; if you have any questions about leadership opportunities within the Catholic Women’s League, please contact us! We are enthusiastic about mentoring and stewardship and would love the chance to share this journey with you.

As an officer, you are a member of the executive and expected to attend all meetings and report regularly. If you will be absent, inform the president and arrange to send your report, if you have one, in advance of the meeting.

Spiritual Advisor

Role of Spiritual Advisor
1. The spiritual advisor, in cooperation with the chairperson of faith, shall provide advice and guidance for the spiritual program.
2. The spiritual advisor shall receive due notice of all executive and council meetings and annual meetings of members/conventions and shall attend and participate in all such meetings, when possible, in an advisory capacity.


President, as the chief officer, shall:
(a) inform the membership of the position of the League on current issues and priorities and new programs
(b) foster open communication with the spiritual advisor on all League matters
(c) preside at all meetings and conventions of the council concerned
(d) be a signing officer for all official documents
(e) provide active leadership Part XII 20 (C & B 2022)
(f) initiate policy, in consultation with the officers of the council concerned
(g) keep fully informed on the operation of the League and report annually to the membership
(h) be an advisory member of all committees except the nominations and elections committee
(i) be the official spokesperson for her council
(j) perform such other duties as may be incumbent upon her office
(k) appoint committees


Vice-President shall:
1) become president automatically after serving her elected term as vice-president Part XII 21 (C & B 2022)
2) perform the duties of the president in her absence or inability to serve
3) recruit members and maintain membership
4) develop League resource material
5) ensure annual reports are completed
6) oversee life membership
7) be responsible for League development and leadership training
8) perform such other duties as may be delegated to her by the president


Secretary shall:
(a) record the minutes of all meetings of the council concerned and retain them as a permanent record (b) be a signing officer for all official documents
(c) have charge of all papers and records of the council concerned
(d) be responsible for reports as required
(e) attend to correspondence as required
(f) be responsible for communications to council members Part XII 22 (C & B 2022)


Treasurer shall:
(a) maintain the financial records of the council concerned and have them appropriately audited or examined annually
(b) receive all League monies and pay all accounts as authorized
(c) be a signing officer for all official documents
(d) present a report of revenues and expenditures at meetings
(e) prepare and monitor annual budget

Past President

Past President shall:
(a) serve in a consultative capacity
(b) be responsible for archives and history Part XII 23 (C & B 2022)
(c) facilitate the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws
(d) perform other duties as assigned by the president
(e) be chairperson of laws at national level (Part XIII, Section 1(10)) (C & B 2022)


Chairpersons of faith shall evangelize, promote spiritual growth, and encourage all levels to (a) pray, individually and communally
(b) uphold the sanctity of life
(c) study Catholic teachings
(d) stress the importance of the role of women in the church
(e) foster vocations
(f) advance ecumenism and interfaith endeavours Part XIII 25


Chairpersons of service shall encourage all levels to
(a) promote activities in service to members, the parish and the community
(b) advocate for and support services that include but are not limited to homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, bullying and racism
(c) educate members about charitable needs, especially mission assistance at home and abroad

Social Justice

Chairpersons of social justice, guided by Catholic social teaching, shall encourage all levels to
(a) uphold the life and dignity of the human person
(b) advocate for the poor and the vulnerable and their inclusion in society
(c) advocate for the dignity of work and the equal rights of workers
(d) care for God’s creation
(e) educate members and keep them informed of relevant social justice issues (f) initiate resolutions on relevant issues